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How to Connect Stripe with Your Payment Form WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to know what the easiest way to receive payments on your WordPress site is? Did you hear of Stripe to build your online business and accept payment on WordPress forms?

Whether you have an eCommerce with thousands of products or a blog where you sell your services, in this post, you can find some useful information to integrate Stripe payment on WordPress and get your online business to the next level.

What is Stripe, and what are the advantages of adding Stripe payments on your site?

Generally, when you want to grow a business and open your company to a larger audience, the first step is to accept online payments. The best-known payment method and the one that immediately comes to mind is undoubtedly PayPal. But not all online users have a PayPal account. This aspect can complicate things when users arrive at the cart page and should be considered a barrier to payment.

Stripe is the solution. This software allows users to purchase products or services and send payments online using credit cards or a bank account. The advantages? Your customers can use their preferred payment method without having a Stripe account and opening a PayPal account.
And that’s not all. With Stripe, your customers no longer have to leave your site during the payment process (as happens with PayPal). But how to simplify things as much as possible? The perfect integration of Stripe payment on WordPress is through the contact form, with the WPForms plugin.

How to accept payments and recurring payments through WordPress contact form

Are you wondering why the easiest and fastest way to integrate Stripe on your WordPress website is by WPForms?
WPForms is used by over 3 million users and is considered the best WordPress form plugin to create WordPress forms in minutes thanks to an intuitive drag & drop builder and many ready to use templates.

The feature most requested by WPForms customers has always been the integration with Stripe for online payments, and recently the company has launched a specific Stripe addon for WPForms.
So, thanks to the Stripe WPForms addon, you can create a Stripe payment form on your WordPress site and accept your customers’ credit card payments. For sure, it is an ideal solution for those who want to sell products and services, receive donations, and recurring payments like monthly subscription plans.

3 easy steps to create a Stripe payment form in WordPress with WPForms

Do you want to start receiving Stripe payments via a WordPress contact form with WPForms in a few minutes? Here 3 simple steps.

1. Connect WPForms and Stripe

First of all, you need to install the WPForms plugin and purchase a Pro license. To receive payments is also essential that your WordPress site has an SSL (https) certificate on the page where the contact form is installed. Nowadays, the best WordPress hosting providers offer the SSL certificate for free.

Add Stripe in WPForms wordpress

Once the WPForms plugin is active, go to the dashboard under “Addons” and click on “Stripe addon“. If this option does not appear immediately, you can click on “Refresh Addons” to load all the additional features.

Install the WPForms Stripe Addon and open the “Payments” section in the WPForms settings. Click on the button “Connect with Stripe”, and authorize the connection. You will be redirected to the dashboard. There you will see a green check under the Connection Status.

Connect stripe with wordpress form in WPForms

2. Add the Stripe addon to your WordPress contact form

Once connected, you can start adding Stripe payments to your contact forms. You can create a new contact form or edit an existing one. The only requirement to enable Stripe is a contact form with at least 2 fields: for example, the name and surname, plus the field related to Stripe payment by credit card.

Usually, the contact form for receiving payments always contains more than two fields. In particular, for recurring payments, we generally find other fields such as the email, some options from a drop-down menu, subscription prices, etc. Once you have entered all the fields, you can go on the “Payments” option and click on “Enable Stripe Payments” option.
From there, you can also add a small description for the payment, or include the recurring payments option, and enable the sending of the receipt by email.

Activate Stripe payments in wordpress form with WPForms plugin

Stripe WPForms recurring payments

The recurring payments option is useful for companies that want to offer, for example, a monthly service, a subscription for a course, or paid content. On the other hand, no-profit organizations and associations can take advantage of this addon to accept monthly donations.

If you decide to enable the recurring payments option, you just need to fill in some additional fields. The first one is the name of the plan or the type of subscription (e.g., “Monthly donation …”, “First level course…”). These data will appear in the Stripe transaction. After that, you need to specify the payment frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly) and the customer email. This field is required to create a recurring payment with Stripe.

3. WordPress conversational contact form with conditional logics

To extend the functionality of the contact form, you can also enable conditional logics that change the form based on the user’s answers. This way, you can create conversational contact forms that turn a simple form into a conversion.

Here you can see a video about the WPForms Stripe Addon for WordPress contact form

Conclusions about adding Stripe on WordPress form

If you are thinking of receiving payments on your site (or recurring payments), one of the easiest solutions is to use Stripe on the WordPress contact form via the WPForms plugin.
This plugin makes things easier, offering forms templates for billing or donation. Otherwise, you can start with a blank form.

The drag & drop builder allows you to add and remove fields in just a few clicks. Furthermore, during the shopping process, the user is guided to fill in the form until the payment is made. In this way, without leaving the WordPress site, your customers can purchase products, make donations, and pay for services using a credit card or a bank account.

How much does WPForms with Stripe addon for WordPress sites?

The Stripe Addon is available with the WPForms Pro and WPForms Elite licenses, starting from € 199.50 per year (instead of € 399) with a special 50% OFF. See all WPForms plans here

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