How to share Google Analytics reports with WordPress and Monsterinsights

Do you use Google Analytics to analyze the statistics of your website? If so, you will certainly have wanted to share the results obtained with someone. For privacy reasons, it is not advisable to give direct access to your Google Analytics account. But several other solutions can meet your needs!

This post shows the best ways to share Google Analytics reports, both directly and using the MonsterInsights plugin.

MonsterInsights is a premium plugin, absolutely among the best WordPress plugins you can install on your website. For sure, a must-have for managing the statistics of a website without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

Monsterinsights plugin Google Analytics for WordPress

Share Google Analytics statistics reports

There are several situations in which can be useful to share and send Google Analytics data. Here are some examples.

  • Web agency or webmaster: very often, there is a need for sending a monthly report to the clients, with statistics and traffic data, to let them know how many visits the website received and what are the most visited pages. But not only. When you are revamping your site, it’s essential to know, for example, if your business online receives more desktop or mobile visits, and where it converts best. In this way, you can make the right decisions and develop an effective marketing strategy.
  • Business colleagues: after a promo campaign is launched, it could be useful to send a Google Analytics report to colleagues in another department to keep them updated on analytics data.
  • Partnership: when building partnerships with other companies, it can be beneficial to send specific reports to reinforce the relationship and create new strategies.
  • Advertising: if you want to monetize your website, your rule number one is credibility, so your need to show statistics to potential customers.

How to share Google Analytics data and send emails with reports?

Exporting data is a native function in Google Analytics, available in nearly every report in Google Analytics. But if you want to simplify things and waste as little time as possible, the solution is to use MonsterInsights. With this tool, you can send a Google Analytics weekly report in just a few clicks.

How? To create the report, go on your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings, Advanced, and “Email Summaries”. The interface is very simple and allows you to configure in one minute the option “sending a weekly Google Analytics report” up to 5 different emails.

With MonsterInsights, you can also customize your report with your company logo and details, making your stats presentations much more professional.

How to share Google Analytics data in pdf?

With MonsterInsights you can also share Google Analytics data in pdf. Indeed, from the plugin dashboard, above the statistics, there is a field “Export Your Google Analytics Reports as PDFs”.

From there you can easily download a pdf report with website traffics and statistics and share it with whoever you want. The Google Analytics data is always perfectly formatted, so you don’t have to worry about anything, just click!

How to authorize other users to see Google Analytics data on a WordPress website

Thanks to the MonsterInsights plugin, there is no need to share your Google Analytics accounts details. Your colleagues or clients can see the reports directly in the plugin dashboard by expanding their roles on the WordPress permissions area.
In this way, MonsterInsights facilitate the process of managing statistics and sending reports. And if you or other users need to download the reports in different formats, it’s just a matter of a click: under Export, choosing from PDF, Google Sheets, Excel, and CSV.

If you want to start sending Google Analytics reports right away, just install the MonsterInsights plugin and activate a license. Prices are currently on offer discounted by 50%. Click here to know more