Compactors vacuum Storage: why you should use it

How many times have you sat there wondering how you were going to store all those duvets, and other bulky bedding items? You need somewhere to put them during the summer months, but it often seems like there is just not enough room. Organization is your very best friend whether you leave in a studio apartment, in a flat apartment or in a villa.
The good news is that
Vacuum Storage Bags & Covers are the solutions that you have been looking for. And if you need something pretty to see and functional Compactors Vacuum Storage is the best choice. These totes, trunks, and bags make up a storage solution that does not just save you room but also looks great!

How Compactors Compression Storage works

These vacuum storage bags and amp, trunks and totes employ a patented vacuum compression system, which means that you can save up to 75% on storage space. You no longer need to worry about where you are going to store winter clothes, bulky items, quilts, pillows, clothing, and bedding during the summer months. If you want to have the right space for you and your belongings, you just need to use Compactors products to make the most of it. The universal valve is designed to be specifically compatible with all types of vacuum cleaner.

These products include clothes storage totes, duvet storage totes or duvet storage trunks, duvet vacuum bags, and travel compression bags. Totes and trunks have the vacuum bag built in to create a single storage solution. The compression is vertical.
Totes are either soft-sided. They can have a 
zip up tops. If you prefer rigid sided with lids you can choose trunks. This offers the best solution to save space because they can be stacked on top of each other. In this way, you can make the most of the storage space available.
The really great news is that any items you store away are 
protected from dust and humidity, keeping them fresh and safe. You can choose from different sizes and even use a Compactors Compression suitcase to transport items if you are moving or traveling.

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A good look for your home with Compactors vacuum Storage

While Compactors Vacuum Storage items can be usually used to store items away from sight, under beds and in cupboards, you may want to have them on a show. Take a look at the Compactors Madison Vacuum Storage Trunk – XL and the Compactor 2.0 Vacuum Storage Trunk – Medium for instance. Both of these items are designed to look great in your home.

As a matter of fact, you can include these vacuum storage items as part of your interior design. This means that you get all of the extra storage space you need, without spoiling the look of your home. Therefore, if you need to find a space for duvet, pillows and clothing saving, Compactors Vacuum Storage is what you are looking for. You can get vacuum bags, totes, and trunks which will keep

bedding and clothing safe from dirt and humidity and create all of the extra storage space that you need, by compacting the items that you are looking to store away. You can both store items under beds or in cupboards and you can choose to include a compactor truck as part of the home as they are finished to suit any decor. In any case, it’ll be a relief to have everything well-organized!